10 Thoughts Review on New Avengers #3 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen

1. The Eye of Agamotto is no longer in this realm, which means the end of our dimension. Our heroes fight off demons, while Dr. Strange, Voodoo and Hellstrom try and figure out the source of the power, and Iron Fist has dissapeared with the Eye.

2. Victoria Hand hating her job before she gets an absurdly big gun to shoot demons is cute. She may be the team liason, but was always happier with a more active role. It’s just a shame she still has those ridiculous pink highlights.

3. Iron Fist being annoyed, while holding the Eye of Agamotto in another realm as voices try and figure out why the heck he’s alive is about the most amusing use of Bendis dialogue in ages.

4. Unlike in the core Avengers book, these are pure Bendis characters and each has a purely distinct voice, from Ms. Marvel, to Jewel and Cage to Victoria Hand and, of course, Spidey and the Thing. The banter makes the fighting of demons seem a whole lot less pointless. Everyone gets at least one cool moment except Wolverine.

5. Helstrom’s mocking of Dr. Voodoo as Sorcerer Supreme is excellent- he really has been a failure- as is his near awe of Strange, who, Sorcerer Supreme or not, saves reality regularly and put Galactus on his ass.

6. Stuart Immonen seems to be having his most fun on art since Nextwave, a book I’d totally take this being canceled for.

7. Iron Fist is being used to such great effect here as, due to being the Iron Fist, which means he has the heart of the Dragon Shou-Lao, he can survive in a mystic realm. This isn’t his first foray into that, either, so he’s more cranky than put out.

8. This is Bendis’ best Avengers work ever and currently the top Avengers book out since Secret has no core concept, Avengers has no plot, Prime has plot issues, and the Ultimate books have fallen apart. Marvel Adventures Avengers usually takes the cake anyway, but although it stars the Avengers, it’s now Marvel Adventures Superheroes.

9. The Ancient One, trainer of Dr. Strange, is the source of our problems. Awe-some. If we get Strange back as the Sorcerer Supreme and on the team, so much the better. Of course, since the Ancient One can’t magic Danny Rand to death, Iron Fist is at a huge advantage.

10. Rating: 8/10 – My favorite single issue of a Bendis Avengers comic ever.

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