Chris Hemsworth talks Thor Movie

So what did the 27 year old Australian star have to say about playing the God of Thunder?

“For me, I approached it as you do it the best you can, whether it’s a small film or something big like this. It’s exciting and daunting.”

Hemsworth prepped for the role by reading lots of Thor comics (he was partial to the Avengers storyline, and specifically the Mark Millar-Bryan Hitch “Ultimates” version of Thor) and various other unrelated books Branagh suggested as research. Both the actor and director greed you couldn’t have the God of Thunder eat too much humble pie, lest he lose his warrior’s edge.

“I think they do go hand-in-hand [ego and heroism]. It’s an ongoing battle, taming this berserk warrior that’s in him. Certainly that’s a big part of this film. He still has to be that warrior, that’s what makes him Thor. But also, you don’t want to watch a guy onscreen for too long that’s a jerk all the time,” he said laughing again. “You can have moments of it, ‘hey, that’s kind of cool, and bad’, but then it just gets old.”

And just what did he have to say about Mjolnir?

“It has this big huge head on it, and a tiny little handle. “[The fighting] becomes very gritty, kind of street-fighting sort of stuff at times. Thor just happens to have a big ole Hammer in his hands, as well,” he said.

Check out the rest of the interview over at Newsarama

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