Former WWE and WCW Champion Booker T Speaks on his Problems with TNA

Here’s what Booker had to say:

“Mainly the reason I wasn’t happy was because I wasn’t wrestling and wasn’t performing. I was there for two years and probably had three real matches. When I first came to TNA, my thing was I wanted to help them grow, I wanted to be out there in the middle of the ring performing with Sting, Jarrett, Steiner, Hall, Angle, A.J. Samoa, all of them, and I didn’t get to do that in that two-year period and show them what Booker T was really made of. And I didn’t get to do that because of the writing in TNA. I always felt that’s where TNA was lacking a little bit. I won’t say a little bit. A lot more tan WWE. As far as business goes, WWE has a staff. They have several people putting together a show and when y you have one person trying to put together a two hour show, it’s very hard.” He also said, “I felt they took a huge step back when they got rid of the six-sided ring after investing seven years in it and making people believe they were a different company, and went back to being the same as everyone else. That was your signature, your staple and there were a lot of complaints from people saying they couldn’t work in it properly. I know exactly what the problem was because I worked in it. It was just too small. They should have made it two feet bigger on each side and it would have been perfectly fine for Hogan to get in and work as opposed to changing the look of TNA to make it look like WCW. WCW is dead. It will never come back. It should be that way because life is evolution. We go forward, not backward.”


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