One Year in Knoxville – August 1, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. With him as always was Dutch Mantell. Caudle advised that today we’d see Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden, Dixie Dynomite, Brian Lee, we’d look at the feud between the Fantastics and the Heavenly Bodies, and we’d have more news about the upcoming Fire on the Mountain.

Dutch added that Fuller and Golden would be his guests on Down and Dirty today.

From there, we headed to the ring where Ben Jordan and Richie Dye were waiting. They were soon joined by Fuller and Golden.

Jordan started against Golden as Caudle ran down Fuller and Golden’s achievements as a tag team. The two locked up and Golden gained the advantage by cranking on Jordan’s arm before using a hair pull to take him down. Jordan reversed a whip and took Golden down with a hip toss then took him down with an arm drag and locked in an armbar.

Fuller made the tag and Jordan wisely backed off. The two locked up and Fuller shoved Jordan to the mat. The two locked up again and Jordan took Fuller down with an armdrag. Fuller complained to the ref about a tights pull.

Another lockup saw Jordan get a headlock. Fuller straightened up and threw Jordan to the mat, then tagged Golden back in. Golden sent Jordan into the corner and Dye tagged in.

Golden got Dye into his corner and then joined Golden in pummeling him. Golden and Fuller made some quick tags as they took Dye apart. Golden pulled Dye out of the ring and slammed his arm into the ring post as Jordan complained to the ref.

Golden threw back in and Fuller climbed in as well. Fuller slammed Dye and locked in a hammer lock. Dye submitted and the bell rang. Jordan raced across the ring and attacked Golden only to get thrown out of the ring for his trouble. Golden finally released the hold as they were announced as the winners.

We then went to a video interview with Ricky Morton. He explained that he’d lost nearly everything because of bad decisions he’d made. He then told Fuller and Golden that they’d succeeded in getting the Rock n Roll Express together again. Morton put over the Express’s title history and closed by saying they were the best tag team in the world.

We came back to commentary as Caudle introduced a video of Paul Orndorff as he put over the dangers of a piledriver. We saw Orndorff hit Hector Guerrero with a piledriver. Orndorff then hit the move on Ben Jordan and Reno Riggins. Joey Maggs then came in to help and met the same fate. Orndorff left the ring and retrieved a steel chair. Orndorff positioned the chair and picked Hector up again before piledriving him on the chair.

We then went to an interview with Ronnie Garvin. Garvin admitted that he may have taken a piledriver but he was still around, which was something no one ever said that had taken a piledriver from him.

We then headed back to commentary where Caudle was joined by Tim Horner. Horner brought up Buddy Landel’s absence. Horner claimed that Landel was scared with the I Quit match looming at Fire on the Mountain. Horner promised he’d see Landel wherever he was.

We came back from commercial to see Caudle introducing the video of the match where Dixie defeated Killer Kyle to find out what was in the violin case.

Dixie opened the case and pulled out a roll of athletic tape. Kyle attacked Dixie from behind and retrieved the tape. Kyle pulled Dixie up and started taping his arms to the top rope. Dixie and ref Mark Curtis tried to get the tape off as Kyle taped up his fist. Kyle then started punching Dixie with his taped fist.

We then went to an interview where Dixie talked about what a great feat that Kyle had accomplished. Dixie promised that he was coming after Kyle and said he’d be taping up his fists for his upcoming match with Kyle.

From there we headed to the ring where the Stormtrooper was waiting. Dixie soon made his way out, high-fiving the fans as he went.

The two locked up and Dixie backed the Stormtrooper into the corner. Dixie broke and the two locked up again. This time Dixie got backed into the corner and the Stormtrooper teed off on him. Dixie ducked a clothesline and kicked the Stormtrooper, then whipped him toward the far corner. The whip was reversed and Dixie jumped over the Stormtrooper, then put him down with a clothesline before going for an armbar.

The Stormtrooper punched his way free and Dixie dropkicked him down. The two locked up again and Dixie got an arm wringer. The Stormtrooper whipped free and Dixie shoulderblocked him down, then armdragged him back to the mat and locked in an armbar.

The Stormtrooper fought back to his feet and backed Dixie into the ropes. Dixie telegraphed a back drop and the Stormtrooper put Dixie down with a neckbreaker. Stormtrooper started chopping Dixie on the back and then hit a pumphandle slam for two.

Dixie was whipped across the ring and got a sunset flip for two. Stormtrooper started chopping away and slammed Dixie. Stormtrooper missed an elbow drop and tried again with the same result. Dixie punched the Stormtrooper to a standstill and followed up with a dropkick. Dixie whipped the Stormtrooper and the Trooper reversed. Dixie escaped a slam attempt and put the Stormtrooper down for the three with the Confederate Kick.

Dixie turned around after the match to see Killer Kyle standing there. The Trooper grabbed Dixie’s leg and Kyle punched him down. Kyle picked up Dixie and acted like he would throw Dixie out of the ring before electing to just drop him.

Kyle took a metal coat hanger and put it around Dixie’s throat before starting to choke him with it. Mark Curtis called for help and Ben Jordan and Gary Scott came in to help. Kyle slung both men off and went back to choking Dixie. Hector Guerrero came in with a chair and blasted Kyle with it for no effect.

Kyle pulled off his jacket and Bob Armstrong got between them. Armstrong stopped the fight as Kyle kept staring at Hector.

We came back to Down and Dirty with Dutch. As promised, Mantell was joined by Fuller and Golden. Dutch welcomed Fuller to the company and brought up the Express.

Fuller expressed his appreciation and told a story of how he’d walked into his barn to discover two baby ponies that he named Robert and Ricky. Fuller explained how he’d attacked the ponies only for them to later come up to him and express their love for him. Golden added that this was the way to whip respect into people – and they’d do just that to the Express.

We came back to commentary to hear Caudle introducing the feud between the Fantastics and the Bodies. Caudle told us that the two teams would meet in a barbed wire cage match at Fire on the Mountain.

We went back to see Jackie with a sleeper on Stan only for Cornette to hit him with his tennis racket, allowing the Bodies to capture the tag team titles. Bobby punched Cornette and Lane hit Bobby with the racket. Jackie grabbed a belt and attacked both Bodies until Lane nailed him with the racket as well. Cornette then wore Bobby out with the racket while Lane locked Jackie in a figure four and Prichard dropped knees onto Jackie’s knee.

We jumped to the backstage brawl as the Bodies and Cornette fought the Fantastics with anything they could get their hands on. The teams brawled down a backstage hallway and finally went out the back door. Cornette soon pulled up in a car and the Bodies climbed in. Bobby grabbed a pipe and smashed the back window, then the car tore away.

We then went to a match as Prichard locked a figure four on Jackie. Bobby stomped him to try and break the hold, then threw referee Mark Curtis out of the ring. Bobby took Lane down and Bobby locked a figure four on Prichard as Lane and Jackie fought outside the ring. Cornette hit the ring and nailed Bobby with his tennis racket to free Prichard and Prichard ran before Bobby cracked him with a chair. Across the room, Lane was getting choked with a volleyball net. Cornette nailed Bobby with a chair and the Bodies headed to the back.

From there we went to Volunteer Slam as the Bodies put a plastic bag over Jackie’s head while Bobby was taped to the far post. The Bodies stomped Jackie as referee Mark Curtis freed Bobby. Bobby grabbed a board and split it over Prichard’s head, then Bobby took Lane down. Bobby hit a low blow on Prichard and put a table in the ring. Bobby set it up in the corner and whipped Prichard into it. Jackie and Lane fought in the back while Cornette hit the ring. Bobby dodged the racket and took Cornette down, then locked him in the figure four. Prichard climbed the ropes and dropped a knee on Bobby. Prichard covered and got a two count.

Prichard held Bobby while Cornette threw powder. The powder went into Prichard’s eyes and Bobby covered. Cornette dropped an elbow on Curtis to break the count. Bobby cracked Cornette with a board and Prichard loaded up his boot. Prichard kicked Bobby in the head and we jumped back to the present.

Cornette and the Bodies were with Caudle and Prichard was holding barbed wire. Cornette told Caudle that special ref Bob Armstrong would always take care of his friends. Cornette added that Armstrong would be in the middle of the barbed wire just like the Fantastics. Cornette produced a tomato, named it Jackie Fulton, and started raking it against the barbed wire. He produced another one, called it Bobby, and gave it the same treatment.

We came back from commercial to find Gary Scott waiting in the ring. Heavyweight champion Brian Lee made his way out and entered the ring as well.

Scott attacked Lee before the bell rang and whipped him. Lee dodged a clothesline and delivered one of his own. Lee hoisted Scott and hit the Cancellation for the quick three count.

The Stormtrooper then hit the ring as the Dirty White Boy watched from outside. Lee dispatched the Trooper and Gary Lee hit the ring. Brian pitched Gary onto the Trooper and it was the DWB’s turn. DWB and Lee started trading punches with DWB getting the advantage. DWB flattened Lee with a DDT and stomped the fallen champion as Caudle announced that referee Mark Curtis had called for the bell to officially start a match. DWB clawed at Lee’s eyes and then kicked him in the ribs. DWB choked Lee with his foot and then choked him over the ropes. DWB whipped Lee and put him back down with a clothesline.

Lee started punching back and DWB was staggered until he put a thumb in Lee’s eye. DWB hit an elbow and Lee staggered to the ropes where DWB started biting him. DWB sent him into the other turnbuckle and started choking him. DWB slammed Lee’s face into the mat and choked him with the boot again.

DWB hit another DDT and followed up with elbow drops. DWB covered and got a two count. DWB dropped a leg and got a one count before he stood. DWB hit a fist drop and whipped Lee into a big boot. DWB slapped Lee in the head and Lee tried fighting back. Lee hit an elbow off a whip and covered DWB for the win.

We came back from commercial for Caudle to announce that there would be a four-team elimination match the next week with the winners receiving $5,000. The competing teams would be Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden, Danny Davis and Dixie Dynomite, the Fantastics, and the Heavenly Bodies.

We then joined Caudle with the Fantastics. Jackie held barbed wire while Bobby held up newspaper. Bobby called the Bodies paper champions and raked the wire with the paper. Bobby promised that the Bodies were going into the wire and the Fantastics would be the new champions after Fire on the Mountain. With that, Caudle said goodbye for another week.

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