WWE Smackdown Spoilers – August 20: Alberto Del Rio Debuts; Kane Explains All; Straight Edge Society Implodes

– Rey Mysterio thanks the fans for their support and is glad that his name was cleared of attacking The Undertaker. Alberto Del Rio interrupts him and insults him, calling him a peasant. Mysterio slaps Del Rio and hits a 619.

– Kofi Kingston beats Dolph Ziggler by DQ after Vickie Guerrero interferes. Vicki taunts Kofi to hit her and Dolph then jumps him from behind. Dolph puts Kofi in the sleeper and stomps on his head.

– Laycool disses Melina as Hornswoggle watches on.

– Luke Gallows, Joseph Mercury and Serena complain about C.M. Punk. He tells Serena and Gallows that if they lose tonight they are eliminated from Straight Edge Society.

– Serena & Luke Gallows beat Kelly Kelly & Big Show when Serena pins Kelly. Punk hugs Serena. Punk is pleased.

– Kane explains his zany fifteen-year long plan to take out The Undertaker.

– Christian beats Drew McIntyre with a roll-up. Cody Rhodes does commentary and attacks Christian afterwards. Matt Hardy tries to make a save but is just too fat. Rhodes and McIntyre beat down the babyfaces.

– Jack Swagger challenges MVP to a match. If Swagger wins, he gets to host the VIP Lounge.

– Teddy Long tells Kane that Undertaker will return to Smackdown next week. Kane says it will mean hell on earth for his brother.

– Alberto Del Rio beats Rey Mysterio by submission with an armbar. Del Rio has an elaborate ring entrance with Spanish introduction.

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