10 Thoughts Review on Secret Avengers #4 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato

1. Brubaker and Deodato continue having their black ops Avengers fighting possessed Shield Agents and Nova on Mars for the fate of the Universe.

2. Hey, someone besides Rogers gets some character development this month and it’s Ant Man. Cool! Now if only the rest weren’t cyphers. I’m so sick of War Machine yelling about his equipment already.

3. Our anger management robot, Archon, is all over the place in this issue, and remains about as compelling as genital warts. He feels incredibly 90s.

4. Worldmind, still the wrong character mind you, gets to complain about Steve Rogers trying to chanel the Nova Force and how it took Richard Ryder years to be able to handle it and he still almost went mad. Then Rogers goes on to have no problems with the Nova Force, weilding it easily and taking out Ryder. Ugh, I really wish they hadn’t used Nova here. He came into his own as a hero just to be shown as b-list next to Rogers here. Great.

5. And after the world is saved at the end, Nova goes off to help the Guardians of the Galaxy, so Steve replaces him on the team anyway. What an utter waste.

6. Apparently, the bad guy here is apparently meant to be Nick Fury. I get to watch Brubaker dismantle another favorite in Cap fan service.

7. Is it me or do Valkyrie’s voice and attitude just seem off all issue?

8. At least the art is pretty, though the neon pink coloring of the enemies is less than eye pleasing.

9. Consider this book dropped.

10. Rating: 2/10. This just wasn’t good in any way. Character development was lacking, the action was just hacking at tentacles, there was no clever way to stop the bad guy, no theme that makes this interesting on another level. What the heck was this mess?

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