Kevin Kelly Responds to TNA’s Eric Bischoff About Ring of Honor

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“I don’t think there is person who is a fan of Ring of Honor whose opinion about what they like is influenced by Eric Bischoff. Then again, I don’t think there is one person who has had their viewing habits, wrestling tastes, or anything changed or influenced by Eric Bischoff since 1999. So when he could do something relevant in this decade, then I will listen to him. As far as it being a “vanity project for marks” that doesn’t draw money, as I said earlier on, TNA & ROH house shows are about even as far as dollar figures, and I think their budget is a little higher than Ring of Honor’s. So considering that the biggest mark in the world named Dixie Carter is getting played & played again…please. Jim Cornette, I had a lot on my mind, and he stole a lot of my thunder, said much more eloquently than I did on Go there, read the response to what he thought about Eric Bischoff, and put everything in perspective. ‘Drawing money’ is a very loose term. The only guy who drew money in my opinion in the last ten years outside of the sphere of sports-entertainment is John Cena, and that includes everyone in TNA, and that includes everybody else in the WWE. So John Cena is a money jar, he’s a needle mover, and the rest of the people are following up. But it’s about buying the brand & about buying the show. One guy being a draw doesn’t happen, because the business of wrestling is not about creating stars in Eric Bischoff’s world: it’s about recycling old cash. Bring it back, try it again, & do nothing new. Name me one new guy Eric Bischoff has created in the last ten years outside of Goldberg, who I have to give credit where credit is due was a rocket ship and drew money for a very short period of time, but he drew money. So other than that…what has he done? Nothing.”

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