Spoiler Warnings: Who Is The Cavalry In Green Lantern Corps #51 By Tony Bedard

This is one of those times when I hate the cover image because it gives away a scene near the climax of the issue. Boodikka is sent to capture or kill Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Soranik Natu as they try to get Lantern Stel’s people to rise up against Henshaw.

Draining their rings, she leaves them powerless and at her mercy until Lantern Hannu shows up and beats her face in. She tries to drain him, but he reminds her that he doesn’t even use his ring.

He beats her senseless, rips her faceplate off, breaches her Alpha Battery, and as he consciousness begins to return she admits her impending death. Telling her to prove that she’s herself again, Hannu has her recharge the batteries of the Lantern’s she sapped power from.

Meaning next issue they can go save Ganthet.

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