TNA Impact Spoilers for Tonight, 8/19 with Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan and a Title Tournament

Eric Bischoff announces RVD is injured by Abyss’ attack and Dixie Carter and Bisch have stripped RVD of the Title. An 8-Man tournament will replace him as champion, culminating in two months at Bound for Glory.

This isn’t too predictable, with Angle having the win or retire story. So we get too months of predictable television to BFG… hopefully at least the wrestling will be good.

Ric Flair comes out with Fortune. Matt Morgan is Flair’s new bodyguard. Dixie Carter comes out and signs the EV2.0 talent, and that’s our new feud.

Not that TNA is clever enough for this, but Morgan vs. Lethal at BFG for the title could absolutely create new stars and be a huge match.

Jeff Hardy defeats Rob Terry with a Swanton.

Either protect Terry or don’t. I vote don’t, but Jeff just going over everyone is a bit much.

Jeff Hardy then brawls with Abyss to get revenge for RVD.

Unreliable Druggies gotta stick together.

Ken Anderson pins Jay Lethal after a mic check.

So much for my idea. Do any TNA talents go over WWE guys or is that just never an option?

Angelina Love defeats Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky brawled with Rayne and Motorcycle Girl before the bell, and her distraction cost Rayne the match. Velvet and Love re-unite post-match, but the heels lay them out.

Love and Sky as a face version of LayCool (like what LayCool are on NXT) would be great television.

Kurt Angle defeats Doug Williams.

WWE over TNA Continues, but at least this was sure to be good.

Sting and Kevin Nash are out to trash talk TNA and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett and Hulk Hogan storm the ring, but Fortune beats them all down.

I could do without any of the first four being on my television again, ever.

The Pope defeats Matt Morgan.

Why not? The new stable doesn’t need momentum.

AJ Styles defeats Tommy Dreamer after an Abyss Black Hole Slam. EV2.0 and Fortune brawl before and during the match.

Thank goodness AJ got the win here, shenanigans or not.

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