NBA News: Oklahoma City Center Nenad Krstic Arrested After Brawl

Krstic was playing for Serbia in the Acropolis Tournament.

With just under 3 minutes left in the game players from both teams exchange punches and kicks on the floor and in the tunnels leading to the dressing rooms. During the brawl, Krstic threw a chair that hit another player in the head leading to the arrest.

Prosecutor Costas Simitzoglou released Krstic pending an investigation into the brawl.

“I don’t know the rules, but I hope I won’t be punished,” Krstic told Serbian media. “An act of stupidity was committed, and I hope they will not punish us. The Greeks started the brawl, there were no guards and the Greek fans entered the court … If they punish me, they must do it to others as well.”

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