The 5 Remaining White Lantern Variants…

… how do the remaining of the 12 shake out?

My guesses:

Flash 5 – Captain Boomerang (probably)

Green Arrow 3 – Martian Manhunter (due to the forest “mission” angle)

JLA 48 – Jade (b/c she’s on the JLA now I think filling the “GL” role)

Brightest Day 9 – Deadman (b/c I think he IS the main character of BD – he likely gets the anchor position at the bottom a la Aquaman at the top)

Justice League: Generation Lost 8 – Hawkgirl (process of elimination; she fits as well here as Zoom did with GLC)

Also, if you want to see the images so far….

The un-puzzled covers and the combined puzzle images so far can be found at the preceding imbedded hyperlinks in this sentence.

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