10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 08.20.2010 – Alberto Del Rio Finally Appears, Gruesome Stomps & more

1. I really enjoyed the opening to Smackdown this week. Alberto Del Rio finally appeared and the new superstar came off looking like a million bucks in his first on screen debut. However, I wish there were subtitles for the parts where they talked in Spanish as I failed that subject miserably at school and could not understand a word.

2. “Silky, Soft, Smooth skin” – Could they make ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes say any more words beginning with S? – Poor Cody with his lisp.

3. I know I was negative about Dolph’s and Kofi’s wrestling matches when they first started this feud but they really have come on leaps and bounds but that stomp to Kofi’s unprotected face by Dolph was gross! – but awesome all the same.

4. Just as I thought Smackdown was the best two hours of wrestling on TV, Hornswoggle comes back *sigh*.

5. When it was announced that Serena would be having a match on this week’s Smackdown I was all excited to finally see her wrestle on TV (rather than low quality youtube videos) but unfortunately the match between Serena and Kelly Kelly was just okay – nothing out of the ordinary and the straight-edge Diva didn’t live up to my, albeit high, expectations at all. But I’m glad to see a new Diva on the Smackdown roster which they desperately need right now and I only hope that perhaps she will be paired up with one of the better Divas to show off her remarkable wrestling ability.

6. Kane’s in ring promo was outstanding and I couldn’t tear myself away from the screen throughout the whole segment. The video package was amazing as I’m a sucka for wrestling history (I wish there was a degree in it) and it really built-up the start of Kane’s and The Undertaker’s feud excellently. Wrestling world take note, this is how all promos should be done. Maybe this is what they should have been doing with Kane for the last five years rather than treating him like Repo Man.

7. Another excellent match from Drew and Christian and I thoroughly enjoyed Cody’s dry wit on commentary – but then again I would enjoy ANYTING that included Drew McIntyre and ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes even if it was my court reporting lesson.

8. Jack Swagger was World Heavyweight Champion a couple of months ago and was on top of the world but now he gets the same amount of TV time as Rosa Mendes which is kind of depressing.

9. The Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio match was surprisingly great. Normally a new superstars debut match is either a brief domination or they cheat to win but this match was an actual contest with great back and forth action between the Mexican pairing. I can’t wait to see more matches in the future.

10. Best match: Christian vs. Drew McIntyre.
Worst match: It’s sadly going to have to go to – Kelly Kelly w/Big Show vs. Serena w/Luke Gallows.
Best Segment: Kane’s in-ring promo of course!

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