Hunt to Kill with Stone Cold Steve Austin Announced for DVD and Blu-ray

Hunt to Kill may sound like a Steven Seagal movie (after all, he’s done movies like Hard to Kill, Out for a Kill and Driven to Kill), but the aikido master is nowhere to be found here. In his place is another Steve – as in Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In an early announcement to retailers, Starz/Anchor Bay Entertainment will be releasing Hunt to Kill on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on November 9th. Besides Austin, the film also includes some of his Expendables co-stars (Eric Roberts and Gary Daniels) as well as Gil Bellows and Michael Hogan.

The movie’s premise involves a border patrol agent and his teenage daughter who are taken hostage and forced to lead their captors through treacherous Pacific Northwest wilderness.

Specs and supplements haven’t been revealed yet, but suggested list price for the DVD is $26.98 while the Blu-ray is $34.98.

We’ve included artwork from the Trade Ad below [DVDActive]:

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