Spoiler Warnings: Which Famous Face Of Gotham Was Left For Dead In The Waters? From Batman: Streets of Gotham #15

Harvey “Two-Face” Dent had a really bad day. I mean, he and what’s left of his gang is on the run, hiding in subways and alleys as they stay away from the cops. But with only three men left, and one of them sitting with the bullet in his stomach that Harvey gave him, it’s not hard to sympathize with his other men who think he’s unraveling.

Breaking into the house of an elderly doctor and his wife, Two-Face threatens the life of the doctors wife to make him save the dying henchman….the one Two-Face put the bullet inside of. The doctor tries, but he doesn’t succeed, and finally the other henchmen have had enough.

They stab Two-Face repeatedly, not unlike Julius Caesar. Harvey manages to stumble out on his own power, but falls on the pavement. Everything fading, going black, he takes his coin and tries to toss it just to remember something, but the last sound he hears is his coin striking the ground.

His men take his body, and they dump it in the river. They head to a bar, and one of them puts Two-Face’s bloody coin in a homeless man’s change cup.

The issue ends with some fisherman pulling Two-Face’s body up out of the water with a hook, it having been completely submerged before hand.

Is this really the end of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent?!

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