Twilight: Eclipse Director David Slade to Helm Wolverine 2

David Slade may be taking a weird right turn from vampires to mutants.

Vulture is currently reporting that Slade is one of two finalists to direct the second Wolverine movie, but appears to be the top runner. A source tells the site that “It’s going to be Slade,” even though star Hugh Jackman will make the final decision after meeting with both Slade and Robert Schwentke next week.

Both directors have already been approved by the higher-ups at Fox.

Christopher McQuarrie is writing the script for the film and his last draft was turned in this past January.

The story has Wolverine/Logan starting off in Japan (ending of X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Thanks to a well-placed adamantium bullet to the skull at the end of the first film, Wolverine is totally ignorant to anything that went on earlier. He begins a romance with a Japanese woman whose hand in marriage is already promised to another man. Ever persistent, Logan moves forth and must face the wrath of the woman’s samurai father and brothers.

Sounds good to me so far and I have a feeling that Slade could really do some cool things with this if given proper authority. Stay tuned though as I’m sure this will be resolved sometime soon.

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