WWE Monday Night Raw Spoilers for 08.23.2010 feat. Night of Champions Main Event Decided

Will Pruett was live at the Staples Center for the double Raw taping on Monday night. Here is his spoiler report from that show. For more from Will, check out his archives or his personal blog at itswilltime.wordpress.com.

The show started very quickly after the first episode went off the air. They ran the Raw opening video with no pyro for the second show. In fact, there was no pyro at anytime during the second show.

First out was Sheamus who began his promo by stating that American children are all spoiled. He illustrated this point by going to ringside and telling the children sitting at ringside that they are spoiled (My buddies and I told the kids around us that they are what Sheamus is talking about. Their parents got a kick out of that). The email chime rang and the GM presented Sheamus with a throne. He will watch a series of matches throughout the night and will be able to choose his own opponent for Night of Champions.

First match was Edge vs R-Truth. Edge beat R-Truth with the spear and then cut a promo on Sheamus. He said that Sheamus has not beat anyone, because he has not beat the 9-time champion and the Rated R Superstar.

Next up was Jericho vs The Great Khali. Jericho managed to twist Khali into the Walls of Jericho and Khali tapped out. This was an okay match, but definitely still at a Khali pace.

Melina then beat Jillian Hall in a Diva’s Title Match. After the match LayCool appeared on the screen and said that they had an offer that Melina could not refuse for next week (August 30) on the 900th Raw.

The Miz cut a promo backstage saying that John Cena put WWE at risk when he decided to replace him with Daniel Bryan. Miz said that tonight he will beat John Cena and show Cena the error of his ways.

Nexus entered for a promo (and we heard they’re awful music for the 20th time that evening). The GM bell rang and he said that The Nexus is no longer banned from competing in title matches. Wade Barrett told Sheamus (who was still out on his throne) that their truce was officially over.

John Cena vs The Miz was up next. Listen for the “Miz is Awesome” chants next week. This was a really fun match with a lot of great near falls. In the end, Daniel Bryan snuck up behind Miz on the outside and then hit him, which looked like it would be a DQ victory for Miz, but no announcement was made. John Cena watched as Daniel Bryan beat down The Miz and put him in his Crossface-like submission. They then looked like they retaped the attack from behind and the almost Crossface.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated The Usos. Kozlov got the pin. Santino was knocked out on the outside and Tamina was concerned about him. As he got up, she blew him a kiss, which stunned Santino and confused Kozlov.

Randy Orton defeated John Morrison and Ted Dibiase in an okay triple threat match. As this match started Sheamus left his throne and went to the back. Orton got the pin on Morrison when Morrison did a springboard off the top rope and ate an RKO. After the match Ted Dibiase enjoyed an RKO for himself.

Sheamus said that he had seen enough and planned to let the world know his choice for an opponent after the commercial.

Sheamus was out for a promo where he said that he wanted to give someone an opportunity. He said that he would defend his championship tonight against someone who has never had a title shot. He announced that it would be Zach Ryder. Ryder entered and said that he was honored to tear the house down with Sheamus.

Justin Roberts handled the in ring introductions for the match. Zach Ryder took Sheamus big kick and was pinned in about 30 seconds. Sheamus celebrated and said that he would not have to defend his championship for 30 days. He threatened to go back to Ireland to visit his family.

Wade Barrett came out and said that as winner of NXT season 1 he earned a title shot at any pay per view of his choice. Barrett said that he would be using that shot at Night of Champions. The Anonymous GM said that he was granting Barrett’s request. He also said that Sheamus would defend his championship against four other men, in a six pack challenge. Those four men are Chris Jericho, Edge, Randy Orton and John Cena.

All six men stood in the ring and Barrett found himself surrounded by the rest of the competitors. He was beat down and thrown out. Sheamus then received a Codebreaker from Jericho. Jericho was speared by Edge. Edge had his attitude adjusted by John Cena. Cena then turned right into an RKO. The show should end with Orton doing his pose on the ropes.

In the dark match, John Cena won a 21 Man Battle Royal featuring the seven Nexus guys, seven guys from Raw and seven from Smackdown. The Nexus guys were out first and it quickly boiled down to Cena, Edge and CM Punk. Edge and Punk double teamed Cena until Cena dodged out of the way and Punk hit Edge out of the ring. Cema dumped Punk out and won.

This was a very long show to be at. Between two Raws and Summerslam the evening before, it was exhausting. This was also a fun show to be at, although I thought neither of the Raw episodes were great. There’s some good in-ring action on the second show. I was surprised by how little The Nexus was emphasized on the second show.

To read more about my WWE weekend and more thoughts on wrestling check out itswilltime.wordpress.com

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