Titan Maximum – DVD Review

The creators of Robot Chicken sure do like the stop motion film style. Maximum Titan is made by the same people and in my opinion is better than the chicken.

This show follows around a group of five heroes from 100 years in the future. After defeating an invasion, they get decommissioned and one of the members of the team ends up as the evil super villain leaving the other three to fight him. It’s only three because the other one falls from a balcony and dies in one of the funnier moments of the series. The group needs five members to form their super robot, Titan Maximum, so the group adds on the leader’s little brother and a monkey.

The monkey, Leon, is the best thing about Titan Maximum. He has one facial expression at all times and never says a word. He just stands there and stares. Doesn’t read as being that funny, but the way they pull it off is hilarious.

The rest of the characters fall into the typical stereotypes. The young arrogant leader, the sweet wholesome girl, the nerd, and the slut. Together the team travels across the galaxy to try and track down their former buddy who is causing mayhem all over the galaxy.

In the first episode, the teams robot is destroyed and they are forced to build a new one on a budget leaving them woefully under armed leaving them only one option in fights, “Punch the %^&@ out of it.”

The stop motion filming style mixes well with the CGI scenes and makes for an interesting show to look at. The dolls are high quality and as a whole it looks much better than Robot Chicken which is what most people look to in the stop motion category now days.

The humor is certainly on the dumber side of things. But most of it clicks. From the staring monkey, to the profanity, to Sasha taking her top off, just about all of the jokes work and if one doesn’t work, there is another one waiting just around the corner.

Titan Maximum is presented in 16×9 Widescreen format and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

It looks really good for being on Adult Swim.

There are plenty of options here.

Behind The Scenes – This is a bunch of interviews with the crew and how much work goes into the show.

Deleted Animatics – Deleted scenes that never made it off the story board.

Anatomy of a Sequence – Shows the process of going from the story board to the final clip.

Crew Mugshots – Pictures of the crew.

Table Read – A group reading of a clip.

Trailers – Adult Swim bumps for the show.

Design Showcase – A closer look into the design aspects of the show.

Pop-up Trivia – Can you guess the right answer?

Basically, it’s an adult version of Power Rangers done in Robot Chicken stop motion. It also contains one of my favorite characters in the history of TV. It is really good and downright hilarious; it is one of the best shows on Adult Swim. Watch it. Love it.

Adult Swim presents Titan Maximum. Directed by: Chris McKay. Starring: Seth Green, Breckin Meyer, and Rachael Leigh Cook. Written by: Tom Root, Matt Senreich, Geoff Johns, and Zeb Wells. Running time: 114 Minutes. Rating: TV-MA. Released on DVD: August 10, 2010.

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