Bruce Willis and John Malkovich Shoot New Scene for Red

Before you lose your mind and think that it was a last-minute reshoot to correct an error in continuity or something like that, be rest assured that it was not for additional photography or to fix a mistake. Since the movie is testing well, from teens to AARP folks, Summit Entertainment (of Twilight infamy) decided to let the director, Robert Schwentke, shoot a tag for the end of the movie with stars Bruce Willis and John Malkovich.

If you’ve read Robert Sutton’s coverage of this year’s Comic-Con, then you know that Red is one of his most anticipated releases of the fall.

Heat Vision is reporting that the epilogue scene is a 60-second sequence involving a comedic beat between Willis and Malkovich, who portray a retired black-ops operative and a paranoid CIA agent, respectively.

Whether or not the scene will make it into the final version of the film is to be determined, but at the very least it will appear as a DVD/Blu-ray extra at some point.

The DC/Wildstorm comic adaptation is slated to hit theaters on October 15th, and besides Willis and Malkovich, the action film boasts such caliber acts as Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox and Richard Dreyfuss as well as Marty‘s Ernest Borgnine, Mary-Louise Parker and Julian McMahon.

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