Spoiler Warnings: What Is Project Purgatory Revealed In New Mutants #16 By Zeb Wells

Inferno happened four years ago in comic time, when New York was overtaken by demons due to the actions of a mutant. The government created Project Purgatory and came into a cache of mutant weapons….mutant weapons being babies, babies that were used to open the portal to Limbo.

Project Purgatory is a facility in Limbo, religion is banned, time is screwy. Less than a year of Earth time is close to two-thousand days there. But hey, best way to age baby mutants, right? It worked for Illyana.

So yeah, they do experiments on the natives, and if someone gets mauled on their side and doesn’t die? They try and latch on demon limbs.

One day a few soldiers came under attack after forgetting something, and while they manage to destroy a nest, they find the skeleton of a human girl (blond hair makes me think Illyana) who is holding a pendant. The pendant contains bloodstones, three fifths of the pentagram filled. They study it, discover the energies coming off of it, but they don’t have long before coming under attack by Witchfire, the daughter of Belasco, and her army.  Their target is the bloodstones, and the man holding them has his arm cut off as they attempt to retrieve them. When checking on the babies, however, he ominously notes that the demons have been there.

Unfortunately a massive demon assault is grounds for the contamination protocol, and the soldiers are left stranded there. There is a portal back, but with contact cut off from Earth there’s no way to find it. They’re the secondary concern.

Fast forward to present day where the military is trying to pick up Ulysses, and he’s being told that he should have been court-martialed for losing their weapons.
Then Ulysses points out that they don’t like being called weapons. The man threatening him is quickly killed, and then we find out just what happened to the babies


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