WWE Respond to Chris Nowinski Criticisms of Linda McMahon Campaign

Here’s what the WWE e-mailed to the Atlantic.com:


• Chris Nowinski did not reveal, as required, that he suffered previous concussions before signing his contract with WWE.
• He states WWE suggested that its performers take steroids. However, at no time does he ever state that it was suggested that he do so.
• His comments that WWE talent perform in matches 200 days a year is not factual. In 2009, the average active roster talent performed 135 days.
• A sheer fabrication — that he went through tables four days a week.
• Mr. Nowinski states, “They have an environment where it’s absolutely unsafe to work in that ring.” “They have no oversight into what actually happens in the ring.” If so, then why would Mr. Nowinski have ever wanted to be a part of such an environment?
• It is very dubious that he ever had a conversation with Lance Cade much less Lance Cade confiding to a total stranger that he used painkillers and steroids.
• Although renowned in the field of CTE, we are unaware of any specific qualifications or medical degrees that he possesses which would qualify him as an expert on steroids and pain killers.

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