Comics I'm Buying Wednesday, 8/25

What I’m buying:

Action Comics #892 – Paul Cornell continues to do awesome, batshit insane Lex Luthor stories.

Batman #702 – Morrison and Daniel give us more Batman vs. Darkseid goodness.

Legion of Superheroes #4 – This issue is great or this title and Adventure are gone.

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #2 – I want Jurgens back on Booster after this.

Guarding the Globe #1 – It’s Kirkman in the Invincible Universe… I’m there.

Astonishing X-Men #35 – I’m a sucker for Ellis, even if this has sucked.

Captain America #609 – With Zemo having Bucky on the ropes, can Cap fight back?

Fantastic Four #582 – I love when this book comes out. There’s always such cool ideas here.

Heroic Age Prince of Power #4 – Time to get Hercules back and leap into the Chaos War!

Namor First Mutant #1 – I love how heartily this ignores Apocalypse, but I dig Namor, so I’m getting this.

Secret Warriors #19 – We get to find out how the Howling Commandos fell and the UN’s response!

Spider-Girl the End #1 – Mayday and the Infinite Sadness.

Thor #613 – Thor under Gillen has been great. Let’s see how he deals with more Hela and Mephisto.

Note guys, it’s my birthday week, so I’ll be in and out.

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