Is The World Ready For An Authority Movie? Updated: No. No It's Not.

The Authority changed superhero comics in the early 2000’s with a big screen blockbuster approach to hard hitting super heroics. How successful was it? Well, artist Bryan Hitch went from The Authority to The Ultimates, and while Warren Ellis may have written the first year of the book, his successor was Mark Millar….writer of the The Ultimates. See what I’m getting at?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, The Authority is what you get when you take a group of ridiculously overpowered meta humans that will get the job done by any means necessary. They don’t shrug at killing, or ecessive force. Hell, one of their members is a reality warping heroin addict, another is a Batman analogue who beats his opponents to death a thousand times in his mind before he throws his first punch, and a Superman analogue that made Superman look like a punk. Oh, and the Superman and Batman analogues? Apollo and Midnighter? Married couple.

The Authority is huge, awesome, and a landmark in story telling. But could it ever really be a movie?

This news is stretching just a bit, but I couldn’t resist. The Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards were this past weekend, and cartoonist Dean Haspiel managed to get a word with Castle star Stana Katic. Flimsy, right? Anyway, the quote from his report on the show said this when talking about Katic.

“she was in the midst of creating a new comic book and was in talks to act in a movie version of Warren Ellis’ The Authority.”

But that’s all we’ve got. No stars, producers, writers, directors. We’ve got the obvious studio since Warner Bros. owns DC Comics, and The Authority was published by DC’s Wildstorm imprint. Though given the actresses look, she’d most likely be playing the Engineer as she is neither Asian nor British, and there are only three women in the book for the most part.

So that’s it, right? Nothing else? Well, Warren Ellis commented on it, he’s always fun.

“I don’t own The Authority, and DC are certainly not compelled to tell me about anything regarding the book. … What an odd thing.”

And usually more quotable.

Updated: Seems that it was all big misunderstanding, and Katic tweeted the following today.

Re: confusion about ‘The Authority.’ By ‘looking into,’ I meant looking into READING the comic books. Was not cast or offered role in movie.


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