White Lantern Variants reveal nothing new on Entities, rogue Guardian, Green Lantern or Brightest Day?

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The recent un-puzzled and COMPLETED puzzle image of the White Lantern variant covers has ignited a wave of speculation.

My original speculation has held true with the bottom part of the Entity backdrop (the actual puzzle) fortelling the gnome collecting Entities in the pages of Geoff Johns` Green Lantern series getting his hands on the White Lantern.

Who is that Rogue Guardian & what is he doing with the White Lantern?

The widely held view of many a fan on the `net is that the gnome in question is actually Appa Ali Apsa. This is the Guardian who was tasked to join Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) in the cross-America trek as “Hard Travelling Heroes”. He later went crazy and kidnapped cities he`d visited throughout the universe, including some of those on his journey with Hal and Ollie to create a Mosiac World on Oa for a time. This is the world John Stewart protected in his Green Lantern: Mosiac series after Appa Ali Apsa was presumably defeated by his Guardian peers and Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner. More on Appa Ali Apsa can be found here.

What do you think? Is it Appa? [A potential revelation that the White Lantern Variants puzzle did not either confirm or advance in anyway.]

And what do we make with that gnome, if Appa or not, getting their hands on the White Lantern?

Clearly he`s after the Entities as well, as seen in the current Green Lantern arc by Geoff Johns in the same-named book, but to what end?

Will DC stretch out his mission to coincide with the end of Brightest Day? I have a feeling they will. And then we move on to the next big story arc? Probably.

The Entities? Red Herrings in their own White Lantern puzzle?

Some Entities have greater profile than the others in the image to our upper-left (it is the cropped version of the broader picture so we could get a good look at the puzzle itself alone). Beyond the retelling of DC`s creation story, is there any significance to the puzzle? Was the real pay-off the last bit with the gnome? Afterall, DC told this creation story already in Green Lantern 52, right? (See below image and click on it to get the full impact and the narrative.)

So, the only “new” bit here (in the White Lantern mega-puzzle) is the bottom image of the gnarled gnome with the White Lantern…. Hmmm.

THAT’s it????? 🙁

Pretty picture though. 🙂

So, what do you think?

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