10 Thoughts On TNA Impact 08.19.2010 – Feat. Knockouts, EV2.0, Kurt Angle & More.

10. So, TNA can have blood, weapons, etc. But Jeff Hardy’s buttcrack is apparently something that needs to be blurred out. Something doesn’t quite add up there.

9. Not sure what was with the excess of pre-taped promo packages that seemed to be on after most of the ad breaks. Are TNA struggling that much with putting on a show? Not saying the packages were bad, but they could have eliminated them and had time for an extra match.

8. Why has JB started calling the Knockouts belt the TNA Knockouts Ladies Championship? Did someone out there get confused and think it was a mens belt?

7. Oh good, the original Beautiful People are back together again. Now that’s done wonder if TNA would consider actually featuring some different women in a storyline.

6. It’s always interesting to see Dixie actually get a mic. Expected her to be a lot worse than she was.

5. So, EV2.0 have contracts. This could either be great, or terrible. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

4. Kurt Angle is managing to have some not too bad matches in his quest to win the belt. He definitely has at least a few more matches in TNA because he’s not leaving until he hits that title match.

3. TNA, the home of jumping in and out of storylines. It feels like it’s been a long time since Sting or Nash has really had any TV time, but somehow they’re right back in there. Which makes very little sense.

2. It did seem like the Pope might have been appearing in that match purely to push Morgan into the semi finals. And it was great to see that he actually got the win, because if there is one person who deserves a chance in TNA, it’s the Pope.

1. And of course, there is always a brawl. Because the writers fell asleep on the job again and throwing a brawl in is the simplest option.

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