Lois Lane Getting Superpowers For Final Season Of Smallville

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello has revealed that Isis will be making her transition into the Smallville universe, to be played by Lois Lane actress Erica Durance. Given the nature of Isis’s powers this makes some sense, as she follows the Captain Marvel rules of transforming to gain abilities. So this means that Lois will be channeling an Egyptian goddess.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the character of Isis, she had a TV series in the 70’s before debuting in the Shazam comics. She was recently revisited during 52 in the form of Adrianna Tomaz, who was given the amulet of Isis by Black Adam before they were wed.

Smallville is back September 24th, and Erica Durance’s Isis is set to debut on October 22nd in an episode named “Isis”.

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