One Year in Knoxville – August 8, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell. Caudle advised us that today we’d see a four-team elimination match between the Fantastics, Danny Davis and Dixie Dynomite, Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden, and the Heavenly Bodies for a five thousand dollar prize.

Caudle added that we’d see Hector Guerrero and take a look at the feud between Dixie and Killer Kyle. Dutch then added that Bob Armstrong would be his guest today on Down and Dirty.

We headed to the ring where Paul Lee was waiting. His opponent, Hector Guerrero, waited across the ring.

The bell rang and Hector somersaulted across the ring, sending Lee scrambling for the ropes. Hector backed off and Lee took the opportunity for a quick strut. Hector chased him into the corner and Lee begged off.

Hector hiptossed Lee out of the corner and Lee scrambled for the far corner. Hector advised Mark Curtis that he didn’t pull Lee’s tights (no matter what Lee said) and the match continued.

Lee offered a handshake and Hector slapped it, then the two locked up. Lee got a headlock that Hector escaped and the two began trading hammerlocks with Hector getting the advantage. Hector took Lee down for a two and Lee popped Hector in the face to escape.

Hector backed Lee into the corner again and got a wristlock. The two traded the hold until Lee pulled Hector’s hair to take him down. Hector returned to his feet and whipped Lee to escape. Hector hit an uppercut and followed with a swinging neckbreaker. Hector hit his Jalapeno Roll finisher and covered Lee for the three.

We then went to a taped interview with Danny Davis and Dixie. Danny advised the other teams that it didn’t matter if they were in the ring with friends or foes – they were going to win the money.

Up next were Golden and Fuller. Golden and Fuller talked about their size and said that if anybody was mad after the match, they’d be mad at Golden for beating them.

The Fantastics then put over the teams and said that they’d beat up the Bodies for free, but they were after the money.

The Bodies closed the interview. Prichard claimed that the Bodies were the best team in the company by virtue of holding the belt and then he warned the other teams not to bring any weapons or the Bodies would use them.

After a commercial break, we came back to commentary where Caudle introduced the Dixie – Killer Kyle feud.

We started the video with Dixie hitting a cross body to pin Kyle for the win. Dixie laid claim to the violin case and opened it to reveal a roll of tape. Kyle blasted Dixie from behind with a clothesline and retrieved the tape. Kyle taped Dixie’s arm to the ropes and backed away before Dixie could fight back. As Dixie and Mark Curtis fought to free Dixie, Kyle wrapped his fist with tape and started punching Dixie. Kyle kicked Dixie and drove his shoulder into Dixie’s midsection.

We jumped to a match where Dixie had just defeated the Stormtrooper. Dixie turned to find Kyle standing there. The Trooper held Dixie’s feet and Kyle took him down. Kyle then picked him up and picked Dixie up over his head. After threatening to throw Dixie out of the ring, Kyle simply dropped him. Kyle pulled out a coat hanger and started choking Dixie with it. Ben Jordan and Gary Scott hit the ring to pull Kyle off. Kyle simply shoved them both off and returned to choking Dixie. Hector hit the ring with a chair and blasted Kyle in the head to no effect. Kyle pulled his jacket off and glared at Hector. Bob Armstrong hit the ring and separated the two to end the confrontation.

We headed back to commentary as Caudle introduced a video of him interviewing Kyle.

Caudle tried to question Kyle about the feud and Kyle just stared silently at Caudle. When Caudle asked what plans he had for Dixie, Kyle silently held up a Confederate flag and tore it in half before walking off.

Caudle then introduced the feud between Paul Orndorff and Ronnie Garvin.

We went to video of Paul Orndorff in a match against Gary Scott. He threw Scott out of the ring and rammed his head into the safety rail. Orndorff peppered Scott with fists and then rolled him back in. Scott threw a punch and Orndorff whipped him. Scott dodged a clothesline and hit a cross body for a two. Orndorff kicked his opponent in the ribs and then raked Scott’s face with the laces of his boots.

Orndorff argued with referee Mark Curtis before returning to Scott. Orndorff drove knees into Scott’s midsection before snapmaring him out of the corner. Orndorff dropped a knee, covered, and picked Scott up at two. Orndorff hit an elbow and Scott went down.

Orndorff whipped him and hit a back body drop. Orndorff covered Scott and posed as Curtis counted to three.

We then went to an interview with Orndorff. Orndorff talked about how the fans loved Garvin. Orndorff admitted that Garvin had defeated a lot of people, but he’d never faced Orndorff. We headed to commercial as Orndorff reminded Garvin that he’d hit Hulk Hogan and Andre with piledrivers, and Garvin was next.

After the commercial it was time for Down and Dirty with Dutch. Dutch introduced his guest – commissioner Bob Armstrong. Dutch started by stating that he didn’t think SMW could have a better commissioner than Armstrong, but he had a question or two. Dutch asked Armstrong why Orndorff had been fined for using the piledriver, but not Brian Lee for the Cancellation.

Armstrong replied that the Cancellation stunned a wrestler, while the piledriver was directed at hurting a wrestler. Armstrong said that he would not allow that kind of thing in SME.

Dutch next asked about Armstrong giving free reign to the Fantastics in their battles against the Heavenly Bodies, specifically mentioning the backstage brawl. Armstrong replied that he’d fined the Fantastics $1,500 each (along with Cornette and the Bodies) and he didn’t expect things would go that far when he’d made the statement.

Dutch then went back to the Volunteer Slam, where Armstrong had made the count to award the title to Brian Lee. Dutch asked why Armstrong chose that moment to go in as a referee. Armstrong said that the ref was down and he was by the ring to allow the match to have a winner.

Dutch pointed out Armstrong’s statement that he “gave” the title to Lee. Armstrong said that he gave Lee the belt because he won the match. Armstrong then said that SMW didn’t have Little Richard impersonators or wrestlers who went out in bad taste. He said that SMW wanted to have wrestlers who were role models and emphasized SMW’s efforts to be fan and family friendly. Armstrong got up and left as Dutch sent us to commercial.

We came back to find Davis and Dixie on their way to the ring. “Hard to Handle” brought out team #2 – the Stud Stable of Fuller and Golden. “Frankenstein” was next and out came the Heavenly Bodies with Jim Cornette leading the way. The teams were already starting to square off as the Fantastics made their way down as well.

Caudle quickly ran down the rules – there would be two legal men in the ring at a time, and they could tag anyone at any time. If a wrestler refused a tag, they would be disqualified. When someone was pinned, submitted, or disqualified their team was eliminated and the last team standing would win five thousand dollars.

After another quick commercial, Danny Davis started off against Golden. The two locked up and Davis turned an arm wringer into a hammerlock. Golden fought back to his feet and whipped his way free, then Davis took a shot at Fuller and took Golden down with a headlock.

Davis tagged Prichard, who was slow to enter the ring. Neither wrestler appeared interested in locking up. Finally they did and Golden got a headlock, then tagged Bobby Fulton.

The two locked up and Prichard gained control only to go down to a spin kick from Bobby. Jackie tagged in and caught Prichard with a knee lift. As Prichard went down he tagged Davis back in.

Davis and Jackie locked up and Davis took Jackie down to work on his leg. Jackie went for a pin and Davis escaped before going for a leglock. The two rolled into the ropes.

The two locked up again and Davis grabbed Jackie’s leg to take him down. Jackie kicked free and Golden was tagged by Davis.

Golden and Jackie locked up before the two started racing across the ring. Jackie slammed Golden and he scrambled for the Bodies’ corner. Golden backed up and tagged Robert Fuller in.

The two went for a test of strength and Fuller went to his knees. Fuller stood and kicked Jackie in the gut, then put Jackie down to his knees. Jackie fought back to his feet and caught Fuller’s leg when he tried to kick him. Jackie hit an atomic drop and then clotheslined Fuller to the mat. Fuller fought free and tried to tag the Bodies, only for them to pull their hands back. Mark Curtis ordered a tag and Lane tagged in.

Lane entered the ring and the two locked up before Lane darted across the ring and tagged Bobby Fulton.

The brothers locked up and traded holds. Bobby got a headlock and then the two started criss-crossing the ring. Suddenly both Fultons stopped and tagged both Bodies.

Lane and Prichard came in and turned to Cornette for advice. Finally both Bodies tied up, Lane got a wrist lock, and they broke the hold. Prichard got a headlock and released Lane. Prichard tagged Davis and Lane tagged Bobby in.

The two locked up and Davis took Bobby down. The two locked up again and Bobby took Davis down, then Davis scissored Bobby’s head and took him over. They returned to their feet and Davis tagged Fuller in.

Bobby turned around the ring and tagged Prichard. Bobby landed a few shots on Prichard and Lane came in. Jackie came in to even things up and Curtis sent him out as Cornette landed a cheap shot.

Prichard punched Bobby down and followed with an elbow that sent Bobby down before tagging Golden in. Golden got a kick and then a slam, then dropped a fist for a two count.

Golden got a bear hug and Bobby tried to fight his way free. Bobby wound up in the Bodies’ corner and Prichard tagged in. Prichard hit a scoop slam and got a two.

Bobby fought back and took Prichard down with a spin kick, then Fuller grabbed Bobby by the hair. Prichard hit a high knee and then a bulldog. Prichard covered and got a two.

Prichard pulled Bobby away and brought Lane in. Lane hit a side kick and slammed Bobby down. Lane followed with a Russian leg sweep and spit at Jackie, allowing Fuller and Golden to pound Bobby while Prichard held him.

Prichard choked Bobby and slammed him, then missed an elbow drop. Lane tagged in and cut Bobby off before he could tag out. Bobby hit a sunset flip and Prichard made the save.

Lane choked Bobby over the ropes and then snapped his throat over the ropes. Lane hit a clothesline and posed a moment before tagging Prichard. The Bodies whipped Bobby and hit double back elbows. Prichard covered and got another two count.

Prichard whipped Bobby and caught him in a sleeper. Bobby hit a jaw jacker to break the hold and tagged Jackie in.

Jackie started punching as both Bodies, Fuller, and Golden came in. Fulton fought off all four as Prichard loaded his boot. Jackie caught his kick and Prichard hit an enziguiri for the pinfall.

Davis came in and whipped Prichard. Bobby cracked Prichard with Cornette’s tennis racket and Davis covered him to eliminate the Bodies.

The Bodies and Fantastics brawled around the ring and Golden squared off against Davis. Golden punched Davis down and threw him out of the ring. We headed to a quick commercial as Dixie tried to get into the ring to help his partner.

We came back to see Golden pummeling the bloody Davis. Golden punched away and held Davis as Fuller tagged in and landed a kick. Fuller sent Davis into the turnbuckle and started rabbit punching Davis.

Golden tagged back in and punched Davis in the gut. Golden sat down and started clawing at Davis’s eyes. Golden whipped Davis into the corner and Davis went down. Golden snapmared Davis over and returned to punching him in the forehead.

Fuller came in and stomped Davis in the gut. Golden came off the ropes with a double axe handle and Fuller began berating Davis. Davis whipped Fuller and the two cracked heads.

Golden tagged in and cut off Davis’s tag. Davis popped Golden and was cut off again. Golden punched Davis and whipped him. Davis kicked Golden in the face to counter a back drop and started crawling toward his corner.

Fuller tagged in and cut Davis off again. Fuller started punching again and Davis fought free to tag Dixie in.

Dixie fought both Fuller and Golden, then whipped Golden and caught him in a sleeper. Fuller grabbed a chair and blasted Davis with it on the floor. Fuller then clubbed Dixie to break the hold and Golden took back over.

Golden rammed Dixie into the corner and tagged Fuller. Fuller kicked Dixie in the gut and punched him into the corner. Fuller sent Dixie into Golden’s boot and Golden tagged in.

Dixie dodged a clothesline and landed the Confederate Kick before Fuller broke up the pin. Fuller stomped him while Golden slugged away. Golden came off the ropes with an axe handle and Robert Gibson hit the ring with a boot. Gibson attacked the Stud Stable and ran them off, giving the match to the Stud Stable by interference as he did so.

We came back to Caudle with the Stable. Golden berated Gibson for the unprovoked attack and then brought up how they’d won the money. Golden promised that they’d win more money and the tag belts. Fuller added that he wasn’t a talker – he was a doer. Fuller proclaimed the Stable the best team in the world, then told Gibson that Ricky Morton wouldn’t help when the Stud Stable came for him.

Caudle promised that next week we’d see highlights of Fire on the Mountain and said goodbye for another week.

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