Spoiler Warnings: How Does The World Go So Wrong In Spider-Girl: The End By Tom DeFalco And Ron Frenz?

With May dead, April sought simply to step into her shoes and take over, after all, she could look however she wanted, how could anyone know? It took Mary Jane and Little Benjy about seven seconds to figure it out, and with that April was alone…and insane. She was a hero in her own eyes, since she fought villains, killing them just like the Punisher would have. The government sent its people after her, Kaine included, but she killed them all. The superhero community tried to stop her, and then she killed American Dream.

Desperate to stop the symbiotic Mayhem, the the government turned to Blackworks Paramilitary Services and gave them samples of the Carnage symbiote in an attempt to make soldiers that could be used to stop her. Unfortunately the dumbasses used combat hardened mercs who promptly went, well, Carnage on everyone. Called the Bio-Preds, they spread like wildfire as they either slaughtered or absorbed all they came across. Their ranks increasing exponentially.

Mayhem was immune to it, so she had to fight them. After all, it was her fault.

So now we’re in the future and everyone lives under New York, hiding from the Bio-Preds. Torus Storm, the son of Johnny and Lyja, as well as J-2 are both there trying to keep the Bio-Preds out.

The world is hell, and it’s all April’s fault.

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