10 Thoughts Review on Captain America #609 by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

1. Bucky goes off half-cocked to fight Baron Zemo, while his friends try and catch up, dealing with a mad Nazi.

2. I hate how inconsistently Bucky has been portrayed. As Winter Soldier he was the best trained warrior alive. Now, he regularly gets his butt handed to him by everyone.

3. That’s not so much an issue here, as Zemo really should have a plan for him if he’s going to fight him.

4. Falcon being ineffective due to his injuries is great, as serious injuries are too quickly forgotten in comics, but I’m not sure I buy this lackey as any kind of threat to Black Widow and Steve Rogers, with Falcon injured or not.

5. Rogers shock at finding the lackey’s arm was not bionic was great- he isn’t one to torture a captured enemy, even to save Bucky.

6. Zemo still needs motivation established.

7. Artistically, this is a bit grittier than it needs to be. It’s good, but everyone looks ridiculously moody and the rain is over the top for the Zemo battle.

8. Bucky really needs to get out of this one on his own. He’s starting to look incompitent.

9. At least this story has given us something for Bucky to do, but, really, it’s time for this character to deal with present issues more than just horrors from his past.

10. Rating: 6.5/10 – The book still has holes and weaknesses, but the overall plot is compelling neough to make up for that.

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