Mission: Impossible 4 goes down to the Hurt Locker for Tom Cruise’s co-star

Source: Deadline Hollywood

According to Deadline Hollywood, recent Oscar nominee and star of The Hurt Locker and Ben Affleck’s upcoming The Town Jeremy Renner has been cast opposite franchise star Tom Cruise in the upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel.

The Pulse: Considering they had just screen tested a trio of talented actors, including Renner’s Hurt Locker co-star Anthony Mackie, and had considered Tom Hardy and Chris Pine before scheduling issues came up, this isn’t a shocker in the traditional sense.

Renner has just gotten recognition after decades of work as one of the best actors out there that isn’t a headliner. While it would be easy to see why they’d go with a no-name alongside Cruise, Renner is a gutsy decision because he’s a known quantity and already a star.

He’s also been getting good early buzz from The Town, which may have prompted the early signing. It’s a great choice for Paramount as Renner could take over the franchise if Cruise ever decides to walk away from his days as an action hero.

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