Spoiler Warnings: How Does The White Lantern Help Out In Justice League Of America #48 By James Robinson

With “The Hybrid” (the amalgamation of Jade and Obsidian) kicking the crap out of people, as well as draining Kyle Rayner’s ring down to almost empty. The Jade part of Hybrid keeps harboring on all of the things Kyle did wrong to her…though he raises an incredibly valid point, just like last issue, in that Jade cheated on him, kicked him out of his apartment, and then died. The Obsidian part just wants to kill him….then again, Obsidian has kind of always wanted to kill Kyle Rayner, ever since Jade moved in with him.

Anyway, Dr. Fate tries to separate the two and save the day, but something else happens. Something White and Shiny.

Jade has her White Lantern transformation, as well as her vision, and it splits her and Obsidian apart. No sooner does she receive her message “Balance the darkness. Your brother will save your friends” then does another light burst out of her.

“Mission Accomplished. Life returned.”

Which now makes Jade and Reverse Flash the only Brightest Day returnees to have their lives back to themselves.

Unfortunately for Jade, she can’t go anywhere near her brother anymore in order to balance out his darkness with her light. They get together? Evil Hybrid.

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