Spoiler Warnings: What Does Zemo Put Bucky Through In Captain America #609 By Ed Brubaker?

Already packing and preparing to move from his apartment to a safe house before Zemo can out his home address to go with the identity, Bucky finds a message from Zemo written on his bathroom mirror. And with that he’s off to Virginia, to the place where he first became Bucky.

Zemo is there waiting for him wearing a new suit with nano-tech fibers that make it into an exoskeleton. Giving him the upper hand over Buck as the suit can not just absorb impacts but hit him even harder. Not to mention that he wired the place with guns and other traps, because he’s Zemo, and he’s not fighting fair.

Eventually Buck is able to get the upper hand and seemingly knocks Zemo out, but as he goes to cuff him Zemo reveals that he’s playing possum and connects something to Bucky’s bionic shoulder, disabling the arm. He tries to escape but Zemo shoots him in the back to knock him out.

When next we see either of them, Buck is chained up in a plane with Zemo telling him that they’re flying to his father’s island in the English Channel….where Buck was meant to die.

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