10 Thoughts on Superstars 08.26.2010 — feat Drew McIntyre, William Regal, the Gatecrashers

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1. Goldust is a little extra theatrical tonight, reminding me of a much more tolerable Orlando Jordan.

2. Goldy and Regal are two Superstars I really enjoy watching, and this match was no exception. After a very slow start, they fell right into it and kept my eyes glued on the screen. It’s nice to see Regal in a non-comedy match.

3. This is an issue I’ve seen getting worse from week to week, but Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler seem to refuse to talk about the match. They traded snappy wordplay and pseudo-hilarious jokes until about half-way through the match, but even then, they barely discussed the two stars. Focus, boys!

4. Hard to believe the “longest running weekly episodic television show” (which is a bigger mouthful than Finlay’s running over the shoulder back to belly pile driver nonsense) has gone on for 900 episodes!

5. I don’t give the NXT final three much credit for that trivia challenge…I’ve only been a fan for two years and I answered 90% of them correctly.

6. The Gatecrashers and The Dudebusters looked great in their 87th rematch. I love watching heels go against heels, and all the raw aggression that comes with.

7. Still not a huge fan of The Dudebusters. They look like Jersey Shore drop outs, I can only tell them apart by their tights (which thankfully have their names on them), and they’re usually always a second or two late on their sells.

8. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker keep going back and forth between bickering and flirting. How about you guys just watch the match, eh?

9. [Insert Tiffany-Drew joke here…]

10. This match surprised me. All the great qualities of McIntyre’s character came out here, and Chris Masters looked phenomenal. I guess that’s what happens when you let him wrestle, and give his dancing pecs a break.

Tonight’s episode of Superstars was actually pretty effortless to write about. Each and every match was fully entertaining and I have no real complaints about the wrestlers. It was nice to enjoy an episode of Superstars, and with Drew McIntyre gracing the Thursday night show with his presence, who knows? Maybe variety is in the cards and there’s hope for this show, yet!

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