Burn Notice – Episode 4-12 Review

My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy. Until…Well Burn Notice fans, the summer season finale has come and gone. Now we have to wait until November to get the conclusion of this season’s story arc. On to last night. We know that Jesse now knows that Michael was responsible for getting him fired, and Jesse has vowed to make Michael pay for that. Jesse has now disappeared and is roaming free in Miami. We also know that John Barrett is in town to find Michael and retrieve Simon’s Bible. Last night, Michael tells Maddie that she should take that planned trip to Tampa now, but Maddie states that she will stay to try to convince Jesse not to kill Michael. Michael has figured out where Barrett is staying, and breaks in. He takes out a guard and communicates with Barrett. They arrange a meeting time and place. Michael meets with Vaughn and tells him about the meet. Michael, Sam, and Fi were sitting at a restaurant, when Michael is approached by a man representing a lawyer (Adam) who needs help. A client of his is about to be found guilty, and the client’s brother Dale (played by Michael Rooker) has kidnapped Adam’s daughter (Becky) and will kill her if his brother loses the case. Michael and Adam meet with Dale. Michael knows Dale will have put a tail on him. Sam and Fi follow Michael, find the tail, and tail them to Becky’s suspected hiding place.

Michael convinces Adam to uses his underground connections to get him a submersible vehicle, so he can sneak out to the location and retrieve Becky. When Michael gets there, Dale’s guys are waiting for him. They tapped Adam’s phone and found out Michael’s plan. Michael works it out with Dale, promising to deliver his brother to him. Meanwhile, Vaughn has told Michael where Jesse is hiding out. Fi talks to Michael and tells him about the kiss between her and Jesse from last week. She wants to talk to Jesse first and she’s taking Maddie with her. Fi tried to explain things to Jesse, but he didn’t care. She told him that if he wanted to talk, Michael would be waiting for him at a diner later that night. Maddie talked to Jesse, but he didn’t seem to care about what she had to say either. Michael and Sam built a fake police transport vehicle and Fi got them a guy to be used as a decoy for Dale’s brother (the same guy had been very rude to her earlier in the episode). They briefly fooled Dale (which is what Michael hoped for)and got back Becky. Dale opened fire on them after realizing he had be duped. Michael escaped and returned Becky to Adam, who told him that Becky was going to her mother’s for safety, but he wouldn’t leave for his own safety. Adam settled his payment to Michael by letting him keep the submersible vehicle.

Jesse showed up at the diner where Michael was waiting for him (after sitting outside with Michael’s head in the crosshairs of a rifle). Michael told him about going after Barrett, and that they needed him. He told Jesse that they all consider Jesse to be a friend, and they always had. Next was Michael’s meeting with Barrett. Barrett and his convoy showed up at the rendezvous, but 2 SUVs stayed back to provide perimeter security. Barrett told Michael that the Bible is a coded list of all the people involved in doing the burning of both Simon and Michael. Just then, Vaughn and his guys showed up and opened fire on Barrett’s guys. Barrett figures that this is part of Michael’s plan. One of Barrett’s guys grabs Michael, and then a shot rings out. Michael is hit by his shoulder, but the guy holding him is dead. Michael’s voiceover explains about precision shooting through someone else to take out a target without causing major damage to the person getting shot. The camera cuts to…Jesse! Jesse showed up and saved Michael. Barrett grabs Michael and forces him into an SUV. Barrett drives off screaming at Michael, telling him that he’ll wish he was dead. Michael grabs the steering wheel and flips the SUV. Michael crawls from the wreckage bruised and battered. Just before his eyes close, he sees someone in black boots walk over and pickup the case containing Simon’s Bible. End of summer season.

All in all, I found last night’s episode to be pretty good. I’m not sure what Jesse’s intentions are now, being that he saved Michael’s butt. I’m guessing that we’ll find out during the winter season. I really enjoyed seeing Robert Patrick back on the show in a larger part, but I have to admit that I was hoping he’d be sticking around for a bit longer. I was asked last week via the Comment section what I thought of the Fi/Jesse kiss. To be honest, it didn’t phase me one iota. I think that it meant more to Jesse than to Fi. I think it was a “tactical” decision like Fi told him. I honestly can’t wait for November to get here so I can see how this season wraps up. So far, all the season finales have been very good episodes, and I hope this season will not be an exception. The burning question is “Who took the case with the Bible?” Most people will assume it was Jesse, but we won’t know until November. Someone I work with (who is a huge Burn Notice fan too) said he thinks it was Simon! If it was Simon, he’d give Harry Houdini a run for his money in the escape artist field. Some people may think it was Vaughn, and it may very well have been him that took the case. It may have been one of his lackeys too. Hell, in the ultimate twist of irony, I think it would be cool if it was Carla (hey, faking your own death is something these kinds of people are quite capable of), but since Tricia Helfer is currently starring on TNT’s Dark Blue, I doubt it will be her. In the ultimate twist of television irony, it may have been a yet-to-be-named character.

That’s it for me people. I’ll see you in November when our favorite trio (plus Maddie) returns for 6 episodes. Until then everyone…stay frosty.

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