Jonathan Hickman killing off a member of Fantastic Four in arc named Three

Jonathan Hickman and Tom Brevoort talk a death in the family.

This follows the first , the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth teasers issued around the Fantastic Four and/or “Three”.

What was heard:

Marvel’s first family is going to have to readjust their lives and methods after the death of one of their core team members in “Three,” the September-launching story-arc that’s described as the “next big thing” of the Marvel Universe.


The impact of “Three” is so great that Brevoort believes it will be very difficult to publish a book called “Fantastic Four” with only three characters. “You can interpret that in a number of ways,” Brevoort said, “and probably every way that you interpret that would be correct.”

But even as “Three” promises to “shock, surprise, possibly outrage and cause a certain amount of shirt tearing” in the fan community, Brevoort teased that the story-arc is just the first of many major changes that will have “Fantastic Four” readers dropping their jaws in the months to come. He likened these changes to the resurrection of Bucky and the introduction of the Young Avengers ā€” ideas that, on paper, should never have worked, but ultimately became critically successful.

“Everything you think we would never do will get done, and hopefully in a way that you’ll find acceptable, enjoyable and enthralling in the same manner that many people, myself included, would have argued in the way that you never want to bring Bucky back,” said Brevoort. “We’re going to do things that at first blush you’ll say, ‘That’s terrible. Why are you doing that? It’ll never work.’ Hopefully, if we’re as smart as we think we are, you’ll be reading it and going, ‘Actually, that’s pretty good.’ Or you’ll tell us that it stinks.”


Hickman said that he wouldn’t be killing off one of the members of the “Fantastic Four” if he didn’t think there was a meaningful reason to go through with it. “It’s certainly going to happen and it certainly has a point,” he said. “It’s going to change things and I think it’s going to work towards the betterment of the book.”

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