Luna Vachon Passes Away is reporting that Luna Vachon passed away today at age 48.

Luna, a member of the legendary Vachon family, made her debut in 1985 in Florida, where she was a part of Kevin Sullivan’s Army of Darkness stable. After a run in Japan, Luna returned to the United States and began competing with the AWA and POWW, which earned her a place on the Superclash III card.

In 1992 Luna was signed by the World Wrestling Federation, where she was paired with Bam Bam Bigelow. After parting ways with Bigelow, she entered the women’s division before leaving the company in 1994.

Luna would make her way to ECW, first as Tommy Dreamer’s valet during his feud with Raven and secondly in a pairing with the Vampire Warrior, her future husband (better known as Gangrel).

In 1997 Luna returned to the WWF. She was now paired with Dustin Runnells (who was working as the bizarre Artist Formerly Known as Goldust). The two soon engaged in a feud with Marc Mero and his wife Sable.

In August of 1998 Luna joined the Human Oddities, a group managed by Sable. After a short feud with Jacqueline, she attacked Sable and the rivalry was renewed. Luna continued to compete in the women’s division until she was released in 2000.

Although Luna had competed on the independent circuit, a recent article had discovered her working as a tow truck driver in Florida. Luna had recently been in the news as Mick Foley had announced on his Twitter that Luna’s home had burned and she had lost all memorabilia from her wrestling career.

The staff of Inside Pulse send our thoughts and prayers to Luna’s friends and loved ones during this time.