Melissa & Joey – Episode 1-3 Review

After a successful second episode, season one of Melissa & Joey stays funny in the latest episode called “Nanny Love.” Character development is also strong as we find out that Joe has trouble with lying about his profession, and needs coaching from Mel to do it.

Though reluctant to accept Joe as her nanny, Mel is starting to change her tune…especially when she finds out that he is an excellent chef. However, she is dismayed to find out that Joe only pulls out his culinary skills when he’s happy. And after he realizes that no woman will ever go out with him if they know he’s a nanny, Mel is stuck with macaroni and cheese for dinner. So in an effort to get Joe cooking again, she fixes him up with her old sorority friend Liz, and tells him to lie until he and the date get to know each other better. However, Joe doesn’t feel right sleeping with his new girlfriend unless he’s completely honest with her, and therefore, wants to tell Liz the truth. But Mel fears her “old friend” will give her a bad evaluation if she found out that Mel the politician is a liar.

This was by far the most hilarious of the three episodes aired, which gives me hope for quality development over the course of the season. I just about lose it when Lennox exclaims “Now I can pee again!” to support the lie that Joe gave her a kidney. And while the gag is used maybe one too many times, Ryder walking in on an inappropriate moment manages to stay funny through the episode. And of course, I can’t go without mentioning the sorority rap Mel and Liz do when they reunite, but to be honest I felt more second hand embarrassment than amusement.

Another positive aspect of “Nanny Love” is the character development. The past two episodes have understandably focused on introducing the audience to the characters’ previous lives, and how their current situation is different. This episode feels like a step away from that, one that really gives viewers a taste to what the season will be like. We the audience not only learn that Joe, while previously shown as a tough businessman, is honest in his relationships. And we also learn that Mel has no trouble with twisting the truth, though that was probably a given since she’s a politician.

Though Melissa & Joey is showing improvement, the cast still needs to work on comedic delivery…specifically Melissa Joan Hart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Sabrina fan from way back. But I’ve always found her jokes, especially her one-liners, to be a little forced. To be fair though, Joey Lawrence’s voice seems to keep the same monotone whether delivering a joke or talking about a problem. However the cast plays well off each other, and I expect that the chemistry will only improve in the future.

Thanks to clever writing and a likeable cast, Melissa & Joey is becoming more and more addictive.  Hopefully the rest of the season keeps up this momentum.