New Footage from Tron: Legacy Now Online

So what if the footage is poor quality because it was recorded off of a television screen with a handheld device? It’s new footage from Tron: Legacy we haven’t seen yet.

The new clip you can view below was at a display booth at the Nokia Connection 2010 convention over in Singapore. The first trailer was already released and this at least gives us a little bit more, but I think Disney is trying to keep as much from the fans as possible.

Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises now would they?

The film follows Sam Flynn, the 27-year old son of Kevin Flynn. The technology genius looks into his father’s long-term disappearance and ends up being sucked into the same virtual world that captured his father so long ago. Together, father and son go on a long and dangerous journey through this beautiful cybernetic world trying to find a way back home.

Tron: Legacy stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wild, and many more. It is due in theaters, 3-D, and IMAX 3-D on December 2.

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