Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Superstars 08.26.2010: Drew Mcintyre, Chris Masters, Goldust, William Regal

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WWE Superstars 08.26.2010

Show starts with Goldust vs William Regal followed by The Dudebusters vs The number 1 contenders for the Tag team titles(Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins. Main event is Chris Masters vs Drew Mcintyre

1. Goldust vs William Regal
– It’s funny that they still bill Regal was King of the Ring from 2 years ago. Some good stuff early on with Regal laying in the Uppercuts and sends Goldust to the outside after goldust attempted a Cross body. Goldust attempts a comeback but get choked on the top rope and Regal hits the Knee Trembler for the win.
Winner: William Regal

NXT Recap

2. The Dudebusters vs Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer
– Good match with Archer and Hawkins dominating most of the match. Croft is able to tag in Trent who hits some moves using the ring ropes. Archer gives a big boot to Croft but Trent is able to hit a springboard DDT for the 123 and a big upset.
Winners: The Dudebusters

Raw Recap

3. Drew Mcintyre vs Chris Masters
– Another good match with Drew working on the leg throughout the match. Masters comes back with some nice moves and they even go to the announcers table a couple times. Masters tries to the Masterlock but it’s reversed and Drew hits the Future Shock for the win.
Winner: Drew Mcintyre

Final thoughts Another good show with 3 acceptable matches. Chris Masters continues to be the MVP of this show and Goldust/Regal ruled as expected.