Spoiler Warnings: How Far Does Storm Go In X-Men: Curse Of The Mutants – Storm & Gambit?

Coming across the source of the Vampire Island’s inability to be teleported to or from, Storm has her mission. She needs to destroy it so that the X-Men can evacuate herself and Gambit, as well as Dracula’s body. It’s the only way, but when she finds out that the source is built around a machine to provide fresh blood to a group of meditating vampires that are maintaining the spell, she finds it to be a hard choice. Janus informs her that there is no way to free the humans safely, as their survival was never taken into consideration by the Vamps who created the device.

After several pages of her interests conflicting, Storm finally does what must be done and brings the lightning down, killing the vampires and removing the anti-teleporting field. The innocent humans that died as well weigh heavily on her though, and the guilt is so great that she wonders if she’ll be strong enough to push through it the next time if one comes to pass.

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