Spoiler Warnings: What A Bitch Move In X-Factor #208 By Peter David

So last issue ended with the shirtless and open pantsed twosome of Rictor and Shatterstar about to make sweet, sweet man love only for a very pregnant Rahne Sinclair to walk in on them. Rahne, for those who haven’t been following along, was dating Rictor prior to her leaving the book during Messiah Complex for X-Force, and in the two years since then Ric has begun a…..relationship with Shatterstar. I use the ellipsis because while it would be easy to call them a couple, they haven’t truly been defined and it has actually been brought up as a plot point. Anyway, Rahne flipped shit and started accusing Shatterstar of thing being his fault and asking what he did to Rictor. Star responds that he hasn’t done anything yet but had she gotten there five minutes later….

Let this lesson be learned by all, don’t make a joke about having man sex with an incredibly Catholic girls ex-boyfriend. Especially when she’s a seven month pregnant werewolf.
Needless to say, the cover comes alive as Rahne tackles him out the window and they fight in the street until Longshot and a fire hydrant are able to defuse the situation. Rictor comes in to try and calm everyone down and asks Rahne flat out if the baby is his.

She tells him that she wasn’t with anyone else seven months ago and hugs him as he lets the look and words of “Oh my God” cover his face, while her eyes give away that she’s not being honest.

How do I know this? Because she got knocked up in X-Force by the Asgardian wolf prince Hrimhari, who sacrificed himself to Hela to save Elixer so he could heal Rahne and the unborn baby.

So why is this a bitch move? Because she just showed up in her ex’s bedroom, got mad that he moved on after she flat out left him, and then told him that the kid she’s conceived in the meantime is his because the baby daddy isn’t around.

Bitch move.

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