Wolverine Family goes to hell… Papa (Logan), Sister (x-23), and son (Daken, Dark Wolverine)…

X-news out of Fan Expo Canada:

For the upcoming “Wolverine Goes to Hell” arc in the relaunched “Wolverine” by Jason Aaron, readers will see the renaissance man of the Marvel Universe have his soul sent to hell, while his body runs rampant among the living. Singh states that the effects of “Wolverine Goes to Hell” will be felt throughout the pages of “X-23 #1″ as well as “Daken: Dark Wolverine #1″ too, which can’t be a good thing for any of the aforementioned.

“They are all interconnected, you don’t have to read all three to get the story but if you read all three you’re going to get the bigger picture,” said Singh.

Referring to these characters as the “Wolverine family” (Logan as the father-figure, X-23 as the sister, and Daken as the wayward son), there’s no doubt big plans are underway to see a relationship of sorts brew between the three razor-edged ruffians.

Source: CBR

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