Dan DiDio: Aquaman’s weakness? His rogues gallery!

Dan DiDio talked Aquaman at Fan Expo Canada too:

As the panel turned its focus to “Brightest Day,” DiDio spoke to the fan appreciation Aquaman has garnered. Recalling a dinner with the greater editorial staff at DC a few years back, DiDio remembered being pulled aside as many as 16 times throughout the evening to hear different pitches about bringing Arthur Currie back. Prior to Geoff Johns’ DCU-defining “Blackest Night,” DiDio’s hesitation in bringing the character back was based on one simple issue: who can name more than three Aquaman villains?

Looking at Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman, these characters all have a number of memorable faces in their rogue galleries. While one would be hard pressed to name even a few of Currie’s foes prior to “Brightest Day.” It was this explanation that led DiDio to state “the greatest characters have the greatest villains.”

Well, beyond Black Manta and Ocean Master (if you’re lucky), can YOU name any of his rogues? Dan may have a point.

Source: CBR

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