Ian Sattler Talks Young Justice….The Comic.

Someone at the Baltimore Comic-Con asked Ian Sattler about the future of Young Justice, since with the upcoming cartoon it doesn’t seem out of the question for DC to launch a new series, or at the very least recollect the original series. Well, Sattler had this to say.

“We’re doing new reprints that are 100 pagers for 7.99 and are either way out of print or have never been printed. They’re like half-trades, and we’re doing 3 Young Justice reprints with that. Check ’em out when we do them cause we’d like to do more”

He’s, of course, referring to the upcoming DC Comics Presents releases where they’ll be…well, like he said, reprinting about a hundred pages for $7.99. Young Justice is already confirmed to be getting releases in both of the first two months, but this blogger has his own idea here.

Comic companies always talk about having to gauge the marketplace to see what sells and what doesn’t, and if anything, if people start buying up the Young Justice reprints in DC Comics Presents, then what’s the harm in just giving the series the trade paperback treatment? I mean, there’s no such thing as too much Peter David in someone’s life, and after a few bad years of Teen Titans I think we all needed to remember how much fun teen characters as DC can be.

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