10 thoughts on Smackdown for 08.27.2010 – No DQ matches, Serena & more

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1. This week’s edition of Smackdown started with a bang having Rey Mysterio go against Kane in a Summerslam rematch. However, the no-DQ stipulation was typical WWE in that there was really nothing within the match that would actually get you disqualified.

2. It was good to see Rey selling his arm injury that Alberto Del Rio caused him last week. Unlike some people in WWE who take a Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts/Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat-esque DDT on the concrete floor (which kept The Dragon out for a long time) then get back up straight away and pin two men with ease.

3. I’m glad that the Rey/Alberto feud is actually going to continue – it is refreshing to see interlaced feuds as Rey is currently in dispute with both Kane and Alberto, rather than the 1 dimensional feuds WWE usually feeds us.

I was hoping that these two superstars (Rey and Alberto) would have another couple of matches because I think with a bit of work they could potentially have a great match. Unfortunately this week with Rey’s arm looking as though it could break at any given second this doesn’t look as though it may happen for a while.

4. In a fresh match on Smackdown (I didn’t believe it either) between JTG/CM Punk we saw the long awaited welcome return of the Anaconda vice. However, with something so great coming into the spotlight we must say bye to something beautiful.

The last appearance of Serena was quite a tear-jerker in knowing that WWE never let her live up to her full potential. Plus, now Smackdown have one less diva, leaving them with a grand total of erm 3 (let’s forget about Rosa ever wrestling again.) I seriously hope that Laycool’s big surprise on this Monday’s 900th RAW will be that they are unifying both the Womans Championship and Divas belt so we can at least get some new feuds and matches in hand.

5. The Teddy Long segment had everything in it that I hate about Smackdown at the moment – the annoyingness that is Hornswoggle (seriously, can’t he just get lost now), Rosa Mendes being wasted away doing quite un-PG things with a shake weight and the constant promotion of John Cena. It was a mega waste of time which didn’t bring anything important to the show – they could have easily gave that 5 minutes to prolong one of the matches, but no they thought that it was very important to see Hornswoggle draw some squiggly lines instead.

6. If this was UFC Kofi would of went the same way as Keith Jardine and got sent packing after having numerous amounts of unsuccessful matches. Kofi Kingston may sometimes scrape a win but they are never by a nice clean pin or submission so why does he continuously receive title shots? – Please slip somebody new into the Intercontinental championship picture WWE!

7. I really liked the “Jack Swagger Senior Invitational” as I love me a bit of Amateur Wrestling (darn teachers not letting me take part in school) but let’s hope this isn’t a best out of 3 series and that MVP doesn’t get to chose the next match as I don’t fancy watching a ‘who can survive in prison the longest’ match.

8. Yes Matt Striker, there has indeed been more of an impressive debut then Alberto Del Rios – Carlito won the US title in his debut match against John Cena remember!

9. This week Alberto Del Rio had the typical “I beat jobbers to a pulp because I’m a new WWE superstar and a bad guy” match but let’s just hope they start to pair him up real wrestlers like Christian or Matt Hardy (if they must) instead of defeating jobbers week in and week out a la Koslov.

10. Best match: Rey Mysterio/Kane.
Worst Match:
Dolph Ziggler/Kofi Kingston – but only because I am ever so tired of these two having matches all the time. The actual matches are entertaining but they follow the same formula every week.
Best segment: Not really a segment but I did love that after the Big Show/Luke Gallows match, Big Show lifted Kelly Kelly onto his shoulder ala Macho Man and Miss. Elizabeth – it left me all warm inside.

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