10 Thoughts on the 900th WWE Raw for 08.30.2010 feat. WWE vs Nexus, Bret Hart vs Undertaker

Welcome to this historic edition of the longest running weekly episodic thought column in my own personal history. To commemorate this moment, tonight I will give you 900 Thoughts on Raw! I’m just kidding. Tonight on my blog, itswilltime.wordpress.com, I am talking about some of my favorite Raw moments. To contribute yours just head over to my blog and comment.

Now on with the thoughts!

1.It’s silly to have the GM say just two weeks ago that Bret Hart would never compete on Raw again, only to have him announce that Hart would face The Undertaker. I like the tease for this main event and it should get more people tuned in to the show, even though it’s guaranteed not to deliver.

2. “The Internet Dream Team” of Daniel Bryan and Kaval would be an impressive addition to the WWE Tag Team Championship scene in a few months. Hopefully both of them are doing bigger and better things by then, but if not at least they can go back to that.

3. It makes sense for The Miz to win the match and then beat down Daniel Bryan. He was the biggest star in that match and has a ton of momentum at the moment. Hopefully Kaval losing tonight means that he is winning tomorrow night on NXT.

4. I have never heard anyone really get challenged to a lumberjack match. It just seems more like something that an authority figure would say, not a competitor. With the Woman’s divisions becoming one does this mean that there will only be one Diva’s match a week instead of two? I’m fine with that.

5. If Chris Jericho is really leaving after Night of Champions, I will be very disappointed. This was a good teaser for the PPV, but I can’t say that I believe Jericho is winning the championship. It will be a big hit for WWE to lose the best in the world at what he does.

6. I liked that The Nexus was able to beat down The Undertaker, even if it took a few rings of the gong to do so. This does a fair amount of the work needed to make The Nexus seem dangerous. I wonder if they are going to invest in a gong to help them in all of their beatdowns.

7. This was actually my first taste of Alberto Del Rio and I have to say that I liked him. He is a really good talker and seemed like he is a quality wrestler. I look forward to seeing more of him, hopefully on appearances where he doesn’t split his pants.

8. “You know who I’m better than?” – CM Punk. This is one of the many reasons that I love CM Punk. Another reason is his use of the entrance music trick. It worked for Shawn Michaels in Montreal (2005) and it worked for CM Punk tonight. That Shawn Michaels promo is definitely one of my favorite Raw moments. See more at itswilltime.wordpress.com.

9. The Big Show’s impersonations remind me of how ridiculous Show’s impersonation period was. Anyone remember “The Showster” or “Showkishi”?

10. I love how Edge described his atrocities. It’s a shame that so many of Edge’s moments don’t fit into the TV-PG environment that now exists. I would still rather have that than the ridiculous bloodfest going on in TNA right now.

Guess what? I’ve got some BONUS THOUGHTS. Although I believe that brevity is the soul of wit, I suck at self editing. Therefore, you’re gifted with these!

11. Do you think The Nexus lists “standing in a line” on their resumès?

12. Classic Edge and Chris Jericho! Charles Robinson totally deserved to be pushed by Edge.

13. Jerry Lawler, please do not encourage Michael Cole to use the word “vintage” more than he already does.

14. It nice to see John Cena put over the 450 Splash by allowing Justin Gabriel to pin him with it. It makes the move look as strong as any other legitimate finisher in WWE.

15. I’m just slightly depressed that we did not get to see the awesome Attitude Adjustment/RKO that John Cena and Randy Orton have used in the past.

16. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how to give The Nexus their heat back. It does not completely undo some of the previous mistakes, but they look great heading out fo tonight’s show.

That’s all for tonight folks! I hope you enjoyed this really good episode of Raw as much as I did. I’m always posting on my blog, itswilltime.wordpress.com and would love to hear your favorite Raw moments over there! I’ll be back on Thursday with a brand new People’s Column!

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