Bruce Willis to star/voice The Thing in Fantastic Four reboot?

Recently there was some talk that Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Adrien Brody could be stepping into the role of Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards in a Fantastic Four reboot. That same report stated that The Thing would be completely CGI in the new film.

Now there’s some even cooler stuff that we’ve learned…could Bruce Willis actually take part in the reboot as the voice and human form of The Thing?

Fox needs to make a Fantastic Four film in short time or else they are required to hand the rights back over to Marvel Studios who will probably shill it out from there to the highest bidder. Fox therefore is putting things into somewhat high gear and getting a move on.

Not much is known honestly about this reboot, but there are a few things that have been revealed to us. First of all, the film will be entitled Fantastic Four Reborn which is appropriate considering the first two movies weren’t all that much to write home about.

We do know that The Thing will be completely CGI, but now the big news is that Fox has not officially made an offer but would like Bruce Willis to provide the voice for the big rocky hero. Willis would also appear briefly in human form during the opening credits.

Fantastic Four Reborn will be completely shot in 3D when it starts filming next spring. With a production date coming up faster than most may realize, I have a feeling more news will be coming our way very soon.

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