Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez to Skinny Dip

On Friday, audiences will get to revel in seeing Danny Trejo as a male lead in a major Hollywood picture. They’ll also see Michelle Rodriguez soak the screen with sexiness. With or without an eye-patch it doesn’t matter. But while we wait for Machete to bow, here’s some news regarding the two stars. 24 Frames reports the two Hispanic stars are looking at teaming up again for an indie called Skinny Dip. The film is a revenge story involving a woman who kills a policeman. Gilbert Trejo (Danny’s son) is set to produce and likely co-direct with Frankie Latina. It will either be a campy hit or a just a way for father and son to bond some more on a movie set.

The article goes on to say that at age nine, Gilbert met Robert De Niro and immediately delivered his best “You talkin’ to me?” impression for the actor. Gilbert also has a small cameo in Machete. He’s manning one of the low-riders. (Of course.) Whether or not the Mexploitation film will spawn copycats or studios wanting to hire more Mexican or actors of Latin descent, is unclear. But considering how Danny Trejo does like 10 projects a year already, I don’t think he’ll be hurting for work.

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