Dana White to speak at the Oxford Union

The UFC has informed the Associated Press that Dana White has been invited to speak to the Oxford Union on October 13th, which will be in the middle of the build up to London’s UFC 120 event. White says he’s expecting to respond to tough questions with straight answers.

The Oxford Union is the debating club of Oxford University, regarded as the most prestigious debating society in British higher education with extensive links to the higher levels of British politics. Former Presidents include conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan, London Mayor Boris Johnson and former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

It achieved worldwide notoriety in 1933 when it passed a motion saying that it would not die for King and country, something has been cited by many as totemic of the high running of anti-war sentiment between the two world wars. It has had many major world figures speak to it, including  former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, as well as Sir Winston Churchill, Robert Kennedy, Yasser Arafat, Malcolm X, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Hat Tip: Associated Press

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