DR TNA: The Return

In opening, let me apologize for my absence.  DR and MRS TNA had to take some time away, and while my vote was to continue our weekly discussion.  MRS TNA was not so keen on the idea.  As a friend of mine is found of saying:  “happy wife, happy life.”   That said, I have caught up on everything I have missed, which was pre-HARDcore Justice, through this past week’s iMPACT.

There was actually a fair amount of news while I was out.  Sounds let’s tick through some of them, random fire style.

For one, EV 2.0 had their final curtain call, then in one of the least surprising moves ever, it was determined they weren’t really done.  (I kid here, a bit.  I like that some of these guys are going to be around a while, but did anyone really buy that they were not?)  EV 2.0 put on their HARDcore Justice PPV, then when they came to thank the crowd and “say goodbye,” Ric Flair’s newly formed “Fortune” gave them the beat down below that eventually led to their signing new TNA contracts.

At about the 5:30 mark, you also get the aftermath of one of the more bizarre attacks I’ve seen.  Abyss and “Janice” take out RVD.  Now as I understand it, this is occurring so as to justify some time off for RVD.  Having Abyss attack RVD is logical, in my opinion.  It’s just the “Janice” attack.  I suppose if Abyss is going to be carrying this thing around this whole time, at some point he’s got to “use it.”  I just thought this ranks up there with a guy get hit by a car or something along those lines on the “believability scale.”  Presumably we have to believe that at some point  after being shredded by a medieval style weapon, RVD not only survives but is able to return to wrestling.  That seems a bit far fetched even for professional wrestling.

Back to Fortune, I may be off in my speculation that Sting and Nash are going to give the nWo another run under the Wolfpac name.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still hope it happens.  I still think it could be interesting, but it seems that Fortune is the crew carrying that “nWo type” mantra.  In everything from the hand singles to the random beat downs, they remind me of the old nWo.  However, while Flair is one of the great mic men of all time, I can’t fully get behind a “nWo type” group that does not include Kevin Nash, when you have him on your roster.  I hope to be wrong though.

With RVD out, the title has now been vacated and we have an 8 man tourney to determine its new owner.  We have now narrowed the field to:  Mr. Anderson, the Pope, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle.  For this, let me say that TNA picked exactly the right four wrestlers.  In my humble opinion, these are four of the best, most entertaining wrestlers on the roster right now.  Props to TNA creative on this one.

The Motor City Machine Guns are tag team champions.  After winning the fifth and decisive match against Beer Money, the MCMG had a fantastic match during this past week’s iMPACT against Generation ME.  Take a look at the clip below.  If these are the types of matches we can continue to expect (and I think we can given MCMG’s past performances) it’s going to be an entertaining run.

One last point, in returning to my Wolfpac speculation, maybe there still will be something to it.  On Thursday, Sting in full red face paint let Flair know he and Nash would be coming for him.  On the one hand this is simply further evidence of TNA frustrating viewers while they attempt to “nuance everyone” – no clear good guy/bad guy.  I mean now you have Fortune attacking TNA, or Hogan’s guys; Hogan and Jarrett feuding with Sting and Nash; Fortune then also attacking Sting and Nash; all while Sting and Nash are coming after Hogan.  I hate to admit this, but wrestling fans generally react better to clear black versus white feuds than they do to “nuance.”  That said, it is somewhat intriguing to think of a Wolfpac – Fortune feud.  In the end, maybe I haven’t given up my nWo speculation, after all….

With that, I think we are all caught up on the major points.  Hopefully, this week’s episode will give us some good controversy to discuss.  Until then, stay classy TNA fans.

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