Jeff Parker talks Red Hulk versus Thor?

Hulk news out of Baltimore Comic Con:

Asked about his plans for the Hulk, [writer Jeff] Parker compared General Ross to any retired career military personnel. He’s used to structure and missions and a chain of command, and now he’s at a crossroads. Ross isn’t weak and retired, “He’s stronger than he’s ever been because he’s a Hulk!” Parker further explained that Banner tries to find a place for him by bringing in Steve Rogers, an authority figure everyone respects, and probably the only one General Ross respects. The first storyline is called “Scorched Earth,” which will see that Modok and the Leader had contingency plan in case they didn’t end up ruling the world—now that it’s kicked in, Red Hulk has to stop it. But because Banner and the former Captain America don’t really trust Ross yet, they also bring in Thor and some others, so “there’s a lot of hitting Red Hulk in the head with a hammer.”

Source: CBR

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